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Starting off in Sydney we head over to the US for a few days in Los Angeles, then Las Vegas and finally over to the Big Apple. Then off again, down to Cuba for about 18 days for some old cars, cigars and Baccardi. After that we head north, this time to Toronto in Canada for a whistle stop before crossing the Atlantic to the UK. One of the highlights there will be a week down on the Isle of Wight. Jetting off again we will then spend approximately the next two months driving around Italy and France. After all that hard work we journey over to Greece where we will island hop using the local ferry systems, with 3 nights on Santorini, 3 nights of Mykonos and 3 nights on Paros. Yep, we love doing the tourist stuff! Finally we begin the long haul home stopping off on the way in Honkers for a little retail therapy.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cinque Terre

Our final fling in Italy was in the Cinque Terre region of Italy.  Staying in the small village of San Terenzo in Lerici we were but a boat ride away from the five villages that make up the renowned Cinque Terre.
The boat ride was a brilliant way to see the Italian Rivieria, so very relaxing and so incredibly scenic. All the villages are perched up high on what seem to be vertical cliffs. Painted in reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and blues these houses seem to defy gravity. These little fishing villages are very much tourist areas today and so there are lots of terrific cafes, bars and tourist shops in each village each trying to extract the tourist euro.
As the villages are built on such extreme terrain it means you also have to walk the extreme terrain, just getting off the ferry is quite an experience as there are no wharves or jetties. It all just adds to the fun.  But having hiked up the streets of a couple of the villages we certainly slept well that night.
We bid Italy farewell this morning and hit the road bound for France.  We arrived here in Aix en Provence late this afternoon and have not had time for exploration yet.
But tomorrow we will be out there bright and early to plan the mischief we can get up to over the next few days.

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